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About Me

Mary Love is a psychic medium based out of Northern New Jersey, hence her reputation as the North Jersey Medium. She specializes in psychic “purpose” readings, mediumship readings, health energy readings, guided meditation workshops, custom spiritual work, and spiritual teachings. She is well-rounded in both the spiritual and physical world, in that she is additionally a scientist. She holds a masters degree in the biological sciences. Her spiritual gifts and scientific mind have helped impact others to see the relative beauty of all things in the human experience on Earth. She hosts several guided meditation workshops a year, and offers group mediumship readings.

She is also the author of a two-book series which carries the reader through a spiraled journey in the eyes of Carla, a little girl surviving multitudes of traumatic adversity and heartbreak. Her stories speak to her experiences growing up and discovering her secret gifts and capability to communicate with loved ones that have passed. Carla’s journey and spiritual guidance into adulthood is a grappling read. Both books will be published in 2023.

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Mary's Philosophy

Her goal is to impact all walks of life to guide her clients into the direction of healing and peace through their spiritual journey. Her philosophy is to apply the balance of life’s journey by bridging the connection between spiritualism and science into all teachings and reading sessions. She encourages all clients to their mind, body, and spirit to the many worlds around us.

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