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Frequently Asked Questions

We are here to clarify services offered by Mary Love. If you need more information, please contact us using the "Contact" tab.


How are Mary Love’s readings conducted?

Readings are scheduled for one hour, and can be increased in thirty-minute increments. A reading summary will be emailed after the appointment to capture the main notes/takeaway taken during the session. All readings are virtual (Facetime, Zoom, WhatsApp, etc.) unless I am at a venue or there were special circumstances arranged prior to the reading.

Mary Love does not use tarot, palm, love spells, a crystal ball, or other tools to perform readings. She meditates to directly connect to her Spirit Guide and/or loved ones of the client that have passed. Questions are allowed throughout the reading, and the reading can be recorded if the client desires. Mary Love does not record readings.

What is Mary Love’s Privacy Policy for Readings?

Mary Love maintains confidentiality of readings for a lifetime. She may mention an experience that has transpired during a reading for a podcast, in her writing, as an advertisement or when storytelling, but all names or specific details tied to a client remain confidential forever.

What is covered in Mary Love’s Meditation Workshops?

Mary Love encourages her meditation workshop for those yearning to take control of their life. In this highly interactive workshop, Mary Love teaches the scientific backing to meditation and related energy work to achieve peace in your Human Experience. Two guided meditations are performed at the end of the workshop, after attendees have practiced visualization techniques. Workshops last about two hours. Meditation Workshop Dates are under “Services” for sign up.

This workshop is for, but not limited to, those with anxiety, depression, empathic tendencies, busy minds, looking to protect their energy, advancing their spiritual practice, high functioning behaviors and cannot seem to “relax”, and/or occupied in fields of work that surround multiple energies (e.g., teacher, customer service, nurse, law enforcement, etc.). AKA, it’s recommended for everyone.

There is no religious requirement or judgement for this workshop, as Mary Love’s workshops are scientifically driven by proven data on the importance of meditation.

What is a Mediumship Reading?

Mediums are the gap between the living and the deceased. They can communicate to souls on the other side by hearing, seeing, or feeling information intuitively. Thus, a mediumship reading is where a medium communicates to the deceased loved ones of the client seeking interest.

Mary Love encourages those seeking a reading to allow one month after a loved one has passed to attempt a mediumship reading. Mary Love can connect to loved ones in a coma.

What is a Purpose Reading?

Mary Love refers to psychic clairvoyant readings as a Purpose Reading, as the reading serves to direct the spiritual path of the client seeking insight. She uses her Spirit Guide to obtain information on career, health, family, and relationships.

What is a Health Energy Reading?

Mary Love refers to chakra energy readings as a Health Energy Reading, as the reading serves to seek information on the spiritual energy at the time of the reading. Since health information will be provided based on the reading, a waiver must be signed before the appointment date.


I’d like to request for a custom service (e.g., house clearing, intuitive development, coaching, chakra alignment, group booking, etc.). How do I go about this?

If you’re looking for a custom spiritual service or a long-term mentoring/development guidance, please submit an inquiry on the “Contact” page. Please be detailed in your inquiry. You can also call/text me at the contact below.

What else does Mary Love offer?

Mary Love offers mentoring and advocacy for abuse victims, domestic violence survivors, those in or previously in the foster care system, and those looking for overall happiness in life. She is the spiritual ambassador for The Goddess Gang by Amber Le, a movement with focus on empowering women of all walks of life If there’s something she cannot assist with, she will do her best to connect you with someone.

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