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The Human Experience: Move with Resilience like an Octopus

This Blog is an archive post from May 10th, 2021

I highly encourage all to navigate through the world like an octopus, after understanding my logic behind their behavior.

Being an octopus is usually a thought that doesn't cross one's mind in notion of navigating in the human experience on Earth. In my book, Triggers are the Guides Part I, you'll notice that I refer to the body and spirit as gross body because it defines as the physicality and materialistic perceptions in spiritual practices related to the Koshas and meditation. The gross body is defined as the body we currently sit in as you're reading this passage, here on Earth, as your five common senses work in each breath you take. There are many layers of consciousness connected to the gross body, but I won’t go through them here since this is not the focus of this article. However, research the Five Koshas. Those exposed to the practice of deep meditation know the role Koshas play in the many layers of spirit. I was not exposed or educated on any of this as a child, but I understood that there were layers in which I could connect spiritually. I knew something existed outside of my consciousness. With the use of my inner window and spirit guides, I knew that my gross body and thoughts were able to access the several layers of my spirit. My inner connections built the bridge to communicate with my Guides. Accessing within and outward triggered me to continue through my human experience regardless of the adversity. Hence, the Triggers are the Guides.

Octopus behavior on the Earth is how we should navigate both spiritually and grossly. When speaking of the gross body with relation to the octopus, their innate ability to camouflage in their environment to avoid predators and prey on their food is fundamentally powerful. Although this characteristic is significant to "blending in", it is not the message to "blend in" for all circumstances in the human experience. Rather, the first message is to choose wisely when placed into situations to hide the identity of you or stand out.

Be the octopus that stands up for itself when blending in doesn’t necessary work. In moments of despair where the octopus needs more protection predators, their resilience will throw the predator off my spraying ink as it escapes. There’s more to how they fight back, however. Sometimes, these tactics are not enough for the predator to lose sight/scent of the octopus. As a result, the octopus uses surrounding resources from the ocean floor such as shells and sea urchins to cover its body from being eaten. It quickly suctions the resources to its tentacles before the predator strikes again, and covers its head to prepare for impact. Even though a predator may smell the octopus and knows it has formed a tight ball capsuled with armored protection, literally in the form of urchins and shells, the octopus has a better chance in fighting back.

The octopus navigates this Earth through the power of camoflouge, spraying ink, and fortifying it's protection by covering itself with shells and urchins. Wow, what an arsenal! What an intelligent, beautifully powerful, resilient, and magnificent being! With no other option and exposed on the ocean floor for the predator to seek, the octopus still manages to find a way to protect its body down to the wire. A true powerhouse, in which we need to strive our human experience similar to this creature. Be the octopus.

We need the protective yet charged energy to keep going no matter what. Be resilient in this gross body that you own, and protect it with everything in your arsenal: spiritual protection, physical strength, mindset and mental awareness, and emotional intelligence. For me, I use my Guides and my inner layers of consciousness through meditation and reflection as my spiritual resources. What do you use? I encourage you to reflect on how far you've come with the resources you've used, and what you could add in your arsenal for a better handle on when life throws you curve balls.

Spiritually and physically speaking, we may not always win the battle with a predator, but the armor in which you protect yourself using the resources at hand is what builds resilience. We must strive to navigate through life like the octopus, who can withstand the predator head on. Like the octopus, we could also metaphorically lose a limb but it will regrow with time.

Stand firm in holding your ground through the human experience in your gross body, and build the resilience to avoid the predator from eating you alive. Spiritually and energetically speaking, the predator is the stress that pierces your sacral chakra (or the pit of your stomach) when you see an enemy in your line of sight. It could also be something that triggers an unwanted memory or situation. It can also be something that triggers you into an anxiety attack, or complete rage. Protect your energy, hold your ground, and fortify the energy field in which you encompass. Become aware of the physical aspect of the predator as well, with fundamentals such as monitoring nutrition, substance abuse, or lack of hydration. It could also be sleep, and not taking breaks from people, work, places, and electronics when your body and brain need it most.

Be the octopus, and navigate with strategy, precision, resilience, with a dash of blending in.

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